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thunder clovers® blossoms, and hammer worts b blossoms,

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mental Lesions in the Dog, Jour, of Med. Research, 1906, xv, 99.

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bladder if diseased." I believe, however, that the vast majority of

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The Rockefeller Institute, for preparing the solutions used in these

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300 members to one of a little over 700, and, in comparison with other similar

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ing, as Dutil states. All fine tremors are simply a

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of the stomach, we should expect black vomit to be more oft;en observed

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• M. Devergie recommends frictions with an ointment chiefly composed of chloroform

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while the consequences of these successive occurrences,

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hang-nails, cracks, and abrasions he uses collodion.

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for Consumption. There were at present in the employment of

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vaso-motor nerves ; and that certain mental emotions which are accompa-

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i^Rosenow, E. C. : Elective Localization of Streptococci, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1915,

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script. Please include the title of the article in the transmittal letter.

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not be a function of the age of the parents at the time of birth of the

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Culture characters. — When sown on blood serum and kept

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Emetics, as warm water or molasses and water, and tickling

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theory in the newspajiers, to account for a limited epidemic

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some join directly with the fibers of the nerve-roots ; some

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toms are disturbing, the patient, his family, his phy-

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best measures we have. I believe cascara is the best drug.

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to safeguard the heart is the main therapeutic indication.

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day the animal was dead. After an injection of 0.0005

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has been carefully studying the nature and treatment ot this

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tion in all cases of acute appendicitis. I have, however,

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illustrative of the mode in which the animal becomes

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subjective or those perceived by the individual. The objective symptoms

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Rauwolfia serpentina, Benth., a Riker research development.

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may be mixed with 5 oz. of water, and poured in. Changing the

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ensue; after a few minutes the patient feels better

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was aware that manganese is a prompt and efficient stimulant to the

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KussMAUL. "Disturbances of Speech," von Ziemssen's Cycloprrdia of Medicine

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extended to the surface on the median side and also to the apex. Optic thalami