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in men of middle age who violated every hygienic law appli-

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Lister, now Lord Lister, and no great title was ever better

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mind showing the quick resourcefulness of that great sur-

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adapted to varying conditions of the patient and his malady. That

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but more often and to a more marked degree when endo-pericarditis ex-

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the latter reason holds true now, but the other two reasons

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porting statement a number of eminent authorities are quoted as

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ring independently. It usually demands prompt removal of the appendix.

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this route, even in intubated cases, will be extremely satisfactory. Con-

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effect on the diathesis, for its local effect on the stone in the

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Europe or in this country, except those of the Montefiore Home, the

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German Golden, Hungarian, Silver, St. Catherine, St. Mar-

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cases). 2. In meningitis; disturbance of cerebral functions by patho-

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Leading Symptoms in Detail. — Local or Respiratory Symptoms. — In-

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Pepper, Sr., does not remember the horrible imaginings dis-

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the paramount import of mechanical irritation of the skin by pressure

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as in mycotic endocarditis, and thus showing its similarity to

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relatively diminished violence and the later development of the nervous

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fluid extract of jambul seeds) for a time, and then stopped

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useful, practical lessons for the guidance of the reader may be incul-

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frequency varying with different epidemics. The hemorrhages appear

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physician w^as unaided by auscultation. Later, the tubercle was recog-

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congestive cough. If the chest be examined at this stage, it "will tell

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* New Yorker medicinische MonatseliiH't, February, 1897.

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ever did anything in measles except to give a laxative and then keep

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a city that is infected be definitely known, it should be shunned by well

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The author does not wish to be understood that the procedures

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the origin of life, of the ultimate element, and the scientific

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feeding. It has also been used in certain forms of insanity,

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thesia or dysesthesia may appear, and there may be a slight mind-wan-

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regulated very easily as to temperature, that it can be borne by weak

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use of ice both to the thyroid gland and precordium, together with

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monia occurs in persons Avho are subjects of malarial poisoning, the initial

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Several vessels filled with water of proper temperatures should be within

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association with the alcoholics. In marked gastric irritability champagne

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many cases life may be prolonged indefinitely under proper

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The removal of the etiological factor being at the present time im-

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long time; but I took occasion last spring to investigate the matter

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the inhalation. Out of twenty cases treated, six were incon-