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to be the direct consequence of the bath, the improvement being permanent ;

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Previous to his commencing business in this city, he was

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A maiden lady, flfty-flve years of age, had an ovarian tumor of three

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was an M.D. of Glasgow ; at first he intended to go into the

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of blood, in chlorosis, in tuberculosis, cholera, etc. They are diminished in the fever

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year that I have had actual experience with this treat-

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children, and in no case is this seen more remarkably than

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zeal and liberality in providing for their dependent

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(2) Pear-shaped forms, with the flagellum continuing the

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patient begged to have the injection repeated ; the administration

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"New York Med. Rec," Nov. 189b; Laurie and Leon, "Lancet,"

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Pathogeny. — The. capillaries of the brain are occluded by the finer

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The conditions of the climate favor the Merino breed. With the opening of a nearer

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medical colleges located in one medical centre for the

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ments of decapitated animals are not identical with

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chancre, and lupus. The location, history, number gf lesions,

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and dilHuent. There is a considerable amount of serous

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show that it is the result of the persistence of the environmental con-

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many words a ready and rapid orator might pronounce in an

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analysis is being done by inexperienced and perhaps

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hardness seriously interferes witli the necessary flow of blood

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therefore unable to stop the development of the spores after the blood had

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of the air-spaces the essential part of the lesion ; but the

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ual intercourse should be avoided ; moderate exercise

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August, 114, and the number of deaths were seven ; but, of that 114, 34

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ones serve as a guide to the second ganglion, and from this the fibers leading