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equally contracted pelvis, when the shortest diameter
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paralysis as their cause. The trouble I am about to speak of I find to be
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examination of intracranial disease is a very neces-
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an external nerve is violently or permanently excited, it may
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which cirrhosis could arise. One of these was attributed to
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SI. Raynes.—Dx. Barnes's forceps can he had of Weiss, Strand, or of Krohnc
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The after effects of eucaine are less unpleasant than those produced by
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outset, that this is one of the rejected candidates for the prize of
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ver ; an analysis of clinical notes of forty-two cases
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care. The soil should be sand, gravel, or rock— if it has good
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presented them in a simple and familiar style, giving greater prominence to
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in which bronze implements are occasionally found, " the use
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tific Medicine can only be removed by working out in all its details the
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Simple obstruction at about middle of small intestine.
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physicians residing in the hospital had it. The orderly in one of my wards
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Battey's operation consists chiefly in removing the
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in the writing which is not common in medical text-books, but
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in addition to those mentioned. The diphtheria bacilli were seldom
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cylinder -^ tbey are never of renal origin, and can easily be differentiated
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As his ear hardly bothered him except for his headache,
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In paralysis of the abductor muscles the voice is more or less affected. This