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cauterization, then, at opposite points of the anus, will suffice to

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first brought aconite into special notice as a remedy, about one hundred

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introduced again in smaller doses, but was soon given up again.

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There was a general prevalence of harmony, the only exception being

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character ; on the contrary, I maintain that they have, and in that

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with the work of Pasteur, and in consequence of his work in

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To us, the lesson of Dewees is far from being satisfactory on this

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very citadel of life. Here we have more rapid wasting, or

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of from twenty-five to one hundred patients daily. Now, why not,

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plementary tumor had appeared beneath the original, quite hard,

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acknowledged to be a very valuable remedy in certain paralytic conditions.

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power of taking cognizance of its condition, and to a certain extent of an-

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Case II. — Hydatids of the Uterus, ,r',fj t suppression of

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from shock. All the interesting phenomena formerly manifested

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reflex phenomena than those supplied mainly by fibres from

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fession, to consider whether they are not entertaining loose opinions

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The first authentic case, recorded is that of Mr. Fleming — an Eng-

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are acted on by the two poles. These annunciations may not

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fessional opinions were divided between aneurism of the aorta,

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former uterine efforts being only preparatory. The present-

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sire to pursue the most pacific course, had led the Regents to adopt

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tially linked together ; a new kind of Anatomy, established and

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every humane heart, than to witness the most intense agonies — ■

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nineteen and a half millions, no more than one thousand four hun-

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priate, and by which they are apprehended and assimilated.

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have no fears that St. Mary's Hospital will furnish more glaring exhibitions

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Particles of dust, &c., are usually found lying

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on one or the other side they must be wrong. The reader, who

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months, faithfully persevering in the use of the remedies pre-

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most skillful physician must necessarily fail in medication ;