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you have the superficial layer of glands involved, the deeper layer

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The dejecta are more hemorrhagic, as a rule, than in the simple, catarrhal

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by (a) the way in which he was drawn into the plot.

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hot water over the mask just before commencing anesthetization. The proper

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surgeon would hesitate to remove an extensive exostosis

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A study of Table 3 shows that the catalytic activity of the blood varies

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the Year's Progress in Medicine and Surgery. Issued Monthly Under

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latter cases fortunately are rare. The blood is ob-

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nected with uterine irritation, I need only add, that you will often in the

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''Reade"rs''Dr.''j. H. McCoUom, "Some Remarks on Diph-

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sent, a gradual rise being observed l*rom the " clean " shops to the " filthy " ones,

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smaller than normal ; its walls were several times thicker

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Some of these devour larvae very rapidly; the process can readily

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missions, that is, two distinct exacerbations occurring daily. The tt^

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Serum Electrolytes Hyperkalemia (see PRECAUTIONS), hyponatremia.

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cst.ido pathologico em geral. 3 p. 1., 66 pp., 1 1.

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date (1849) of Professor Santesson's valuable treatise on the