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in the execution of four criminals at Sing Sing, N. Y.^ With a current of

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generally mild climate, presence of predominantly low ura-

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of striated muscle. The connective tissue tension of the second aortic sound, which

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cocaine use may indicate an underlying thermoregulatory

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where all around I see daffodils, primroses, anemones, violets and all the

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of the disease. Besides the regular phenomena belonging to the stage

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roid Disease— McCarrison, in the London processes of regeneration in cases that have

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of the extent of the cardiac dullness to all of the three chest measurements

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On the fourteenth day, however, the pains returned. The second

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© 1986 BellSouth Mobility "Tariffed airtime service not included

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periosteal membrane continuous through their ostia with the lining

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tery and to the caecum. The mesentery of the appendix

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'* The use of opium in the treatment of delirium tremens is not unattended

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In the second case the condition had progressed to such an

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or, at all events, before the opportunity for accurate diagnosis has pre-

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Life Cycle. — The adult fly lays her eggs in moist

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atrophy of the heart is common in advanced valvular disease and old age —

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tween two hundred and three hundred. The method pos-

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taken advantage of in the inhalation of volatile sub-

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to ray own special department, I must leave it to others

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A number of operators prefer gastro-anastomosis ; that is,

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and Surgeons, Chicago ; Professor of Clinical Gyniecology in the North-

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afterward applying lotions as for wounds. If opening is large, a

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as applying the entrails of chickens to the stomach of the sick

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enormous amount of secretion daily. The glandular arrangement is

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rapid syphilitic myelitis that death supervened in six weeks.

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close and overcrowded rooms for the purpose of being " waked."

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years, and died fourteen days later greatly emaciated.

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1900, xl, 266, 282; ibid., 1912, xlvii, 302; Ztsehr.

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Discussion. — Dr. Allen G. Rice, Springfield; Dr.

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in which a few of the cryptogamic jointed tubes could be perceived. In

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will give a good idea of the real value of vaccination as a protection

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trophy of the muscle, on the one hand, and the arterio-sclerosis on the other,

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vious impression is correct, we shall find the intestines displaced, and