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fits, hallucinations, and syncope. The onset is, however, less sudden in

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son, Sherwood, Md., June 25. — Dr. James O'Reilly, New

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acids formed are chiefly acetic, lactic, and formic.

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to the umbilicus was occupied by a tumor the size of a man's

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The injection of serum is given as follows : Before

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previous or associated nervous symptoms, and Da Costa has reported cases in

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face. The legs are edematous, the edema being c[uite extensive

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" Thus Wunderlich found typical cases of the disease in two sisters, aged

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or other superficial parts, are found to be somewhat enlarged, and now

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off the ground, and prevents serious kicking when working about

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ture be raised over 180° F. it tends to solidify the albumen and

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spoonful of common salt to a pint of boiled water. Wet dressings

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