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double inoculation and late castration produced a high percentage

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fasten the margins of the thyroid cartilage together, or were sutures through

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affected when exposed to the contagion. But it is that the dis-

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or of a typhoid character. Vomiting is not rare in this, as it is in

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Printing offices are generally too small for the number of

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erythematous type of the disease is first manifested as a relapse in

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vaccine made up of seventeen strains of influenza bacillus has been

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These, then, are the principal circumstances to which 1 have been

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they sink with the weight of their own corruption, and the seeds of re-

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was good, and his Wassermann reaction was negative. Parsons [6]

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21st. — Since last report the liver has greatly diminished in size, and his complaints

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FAVOURING Prevalence of the Disease, or enhancing the

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offered the explanation that the uric acid entered into chemical com-

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out his large clientele. To meet exceptional cases, he has added a

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thus exposed to one another. This suture also includes

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With the aid received from exchanges and purchases made with

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surrounding area of coronal resonance, and the ascites

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Brodie, Sergeant Surgeon to Her Majesty, Dr. Hawkins

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of the book aforenamed : " It has been sho^vn that the individuality

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All of the intestines were very much reddened, and the ad-

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Upon report of this condition to the family they desired

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easily available means for treating these cases. Treat-

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stroyed by fire as soon as possible after using. No piece

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down at others on the opposite side, so that in time press-