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the changes in the blood vessels, brought about by an irri-
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by vaginal and bimanual palpation, and by internal inspection
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where the bones are subcutaneous. The diminished elasticity consideiabiy
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which it would not in the great majority of cases be, while, so far as experi-
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Father Cull is a perfect Mississippi snag, for he couldn't abide any thing sour, nothing acid, not
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than one case in a family, but the peculiar form of heredity seen in bleeder
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ever, if the patient be previously neuropathic, a pathological
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in the Society it was received with universal reprobation.
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upon the dorsum ilii. By manipulation, they detected a distinct crepitus,
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the earlier and spring months of 1879 bronchitis was observed
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occasionally, but taking the sulphate of zinc as the principal remedy till
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The fuller reviews are postponed for the coming number.
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he lower end of the upper fragment ; it was necrosed for
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fined to particular sections. Thus there may be catarrhs, limited to the
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Tuberculosis of the Retropharyngeal Lymphatic Glands. By Dan McKenzie,
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those cases I leave tiie uterus retroverted. If I have
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In the above case all the characters of lymphadenomatoiis glandular
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de'Brux., 1888, no. 37, 183-18G. — Fergusson (W.) Case
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an unnamed fey ment which has the power of curdling milk.
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that they might have to give it up. The more influential ones,
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this part of the world the uncontested leader among
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the Insurance Company paying the bills, should have
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in others the irregular, crescent, or estivo-autumnal.
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they both exist in the minds of various professional men at this
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extensive tubercular deposits. Several small pockets were
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or neck, may be referable to purulent thrombosis of the cerebral sinuses.
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dice is produced by malarial infection, the symptoms will develop
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In this way one may succeed in feeling a morbid expansion of the pelvis of the
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the ovary be really the origin of the pain. Occasionally the diseased
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to be so easily obliterated. A period of hard frost gives
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clinically definite tuberculosis of the udder, and one
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now known to be produced by the diminution of the celll^lar elements
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