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Please address your submissions for Poetry Comer to Stephen D. Ward, M.D.,

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peculiarities of the part involved, and the sources

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of low tension. As compensation fails it becomes small, feeble usually,

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General ami Kxperiraental Pathology. — Dr. Charrin, 11, Avenue-

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There are other foci which contain greasy, foetid, watery pus

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finger. After remaining for two or three days, absorption gradually

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in the administration of the sacrament have been made the subject of out-

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the tubercle-bacillus. But herein comes the difficulty in

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had its rise in some consciousness of a wrong done to her, and

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acid to form ammonium borate. This reaction starts with a certain

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utero-ovarian veins as far as the right auricle. In the early stage

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a heart beating oftener, and throwing out more blood than in

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more pathological state than the stomach, and the irritating

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Koch's lymph, and the first injection was given on De-

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in this line are those by Dr. Joseph Meitus,* of Cincin-

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was that the constant nictitation might remove the poisonous germs.

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passed down the trachea and we were not interrupted by

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alcoholic extract is, however, by far the most convenient

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at Singapore, asserts that she has discovered the ani-

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Goodman LS, Gilman A, et al (Eds): Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological

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we lose that observation which is so very essential in enabling us to make

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Part of the reason for the neglect is due to the fact

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mainly secondary to the arterial sclerosis and defec-

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lieves that there are three causes of error in examina-

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Of the Pathological Changes in the Kidneys, which are referable to the term

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be formed, and keeping the tail drawn up by a pulley for

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in the ward, he sometimes breaks out into fits of rebel

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of such work, the book is not too technical for the gen-