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the affection is to be investigated. The affection may be regarded as idio-

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this. In diphtheria the bacillus of Locfller is not found

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Dr. Price-Brown's book on " Diseases of Nose and Throat "

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attacks the hand, the arm, or the leg. In some cases it has an ascending

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X To what degree are the Intellectual Faculties affected in cases of Apoplexy

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of unpolished rice has been followed by a marked diminution of the prev-

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existed on a very limited scale, were the occasions of the

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rays. The apphcation, however, of these facts to analysis, is not yet

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neighboring organs afl^ecting the greater part of the gastric

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of .Monuments than the man who sees not so many, but

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dice is produced by malarial infection, the symptoms will develop

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per day. Indeed, the desire to go to stool may be almost constant, and the

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glaucoma, was brought to my house, some time ago, by Dr. Bigger,

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^Bardeen, Jour. Exper. Med., vol. ii, 1897, p. 501; Eyff, Ceniralbl. f. d.

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mixte, one of scabies, and one of herpes progenitalis.

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by this method, the esophagoscopic picture in such a case showing no anatomic

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The Chairman remarked that he had been accustomed to use

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the maximal reaction is obtained with thyroid, sometimes with

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5 days the dressing is changed twice a day, the patient

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extensive, but very common in the nucleated ones. The presence

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in all save capital operations, reporting a series of 1200 success-

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passed by the wound. On 27th December she returned to Hospital

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The President said that if any analog)' could be drawn from

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be due to a true neuritis. For example, a neuralgia dependent on dental caries, or

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Devonshire Wardi about three months ago. This man had been the

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that it was a most valuable remedy. In the Rotunda Lying-in Hospital

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these compounds following therapy with Bactrim Observations of leukocytes obtained from patients

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felt want The first requisite was that the diploma should

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of parts might be multiplied at pleasure, but the above, taken

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in families, it was proved that the 'girls' attending the Board School

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the hemolymph vessels has solved it satisfactorily, for they

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to columnae carnae, evidently of some duration. On posterior flap of mitral