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tled; he exerts the left great pectoral muscle much better than he

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dwellings have been closed during the year, and the Health

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caused by the pressure on relatively fixed portions of the bowel by tumors,

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osteo-myeliiis, notwithstanding that the vessels in the diseased

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municate with the above-mentioned cavity. When this had been done,

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trated one of the gastric arteries and produced fatal hemorrhage. A similar

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engorged with blood and serum. Universal adhesions on both sides. Both layers

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on the neck and chest of the child, and thus puts the

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the human liver. In one there is scarcely a trace of a caudate-

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It is suspected that a fuller investigation will show that separation of

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123.— Perier. Fistula borgne interne du rectum. [Rap.

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stump was also brushed over with Monsel's solution.

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treatment of obesity. He objects very strongly to Schweniger's method,

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Ineys. The injection of large ([uantities of sugar into

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tating commerce and intercourse among states and nations; are being

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immediate attention. The trapping of house drains and sinks,

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tinctly sweetish, offensive odor; on one or two occasions it contained elastic

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poned from time to time until Oct. 21st, when it was performed. Again

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penia is of diagnostic value, especially in children, in whom

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fever is established by the febrile movement being in a marked degree out of

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never found it necessary to use a local or general anes-

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the infecting germ. Halstead found that when the omentum was

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rra, A.: La siero-diagnosi di Wassermann nella lepra, Policlin., Sez. med., 1909, 16,

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also be caused by trauma, by blood conditions such as leukaemia and hemor-

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d by infection, and l>oth the ovum and si^rmatozoa