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twenty-two months the Jerseys on alfalfa averaged 6£ liters daily,

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he is well, or he never had such a disease. Thus the im-

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In the above case all the characters of lymphadenomatoiis glandular

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pears evident from the case of Hertz and from a case

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and there are changes in the vagal nucleus and the vagal

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In spite of these considerations, the practical importance of the

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epileptiform seizures, all point in the direction of epilepsy. Xo

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respecting different instruments, their relative merits, the principles of

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character to the severer types of former epidemics. During the prcliminuy

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Miller's Anodyne for babies ; Dr. Moffett's Teething Powder ; Dr. Bull's

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Roberts has tabulated GO cases of paracentesis of tlie pericardium. Of these

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brain, and therefore with the symptoms peculiar to the earlier or acute

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been expressed as to its nature have thrown so little light upon the

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that only a very small drop of water is put on the covering-

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exhibits a brownish-red, compact, but friable infiltration, out of vrhich

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of pigment, or in segmentation. But in pernicious malaria marked

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more or less permanent effects upon the heart, suffi-

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fcsled in (he direction of tlieir meridians ; its rule and its

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tropic to the optic nerve if the dose is large enough.

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toft, uleeraied, and papilhmaioue tumor, having a medullary portion which perforated inio

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York, 120 in Detroit, 122 in Chicago, 111. But this amount includeij

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Therapeutic Effects of Gamboge administered in large doses. (Gaz.

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combination in a single definite chemical product of a safe and

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After all, in my opinion, we must look to the kidney for the cause

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but regretted the gradually increasing financial difficul-

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gery by A. Copland Hutchison, published in 1816, pp. 77 and 78.

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Present History.— For at least 10 years the patient had been

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masticates, digests and assimilates the food ; and those wonder-working

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2 or 3 mm. from the limbus, and in introducing my knife, which has a

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returns and I am very reluctant to sign onto a plan that pays

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knew a thing or two about *' doctoring," as her first husband was a physician, and