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cytosis, but even if it did this he would not consider it of

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Pass. One of the beautiful Miss DingwaUs, of the Aberdeen Post-

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to confound names, notions and happenings ; so long will observation,

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know what a complex network of nerves and blood vessels run

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granules or droplets scattered in the protoplasm have generally only

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pCtsCt^y-Lsutsv^. f ^C-rr^c*—) a~-y- £^-yiyt><^oC4^Uin^^ ,

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estrogen sensitive tissues, most postmenopausal women

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(4) The Effects of the Trypanosoines on the Epithelial

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and the skin is slightly swollen. By the third day the pock has reached

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and Tuberculosis, Disinfection, Disinfectants and Quar-

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green color with salts of iron, a pink or rose-red with iodine, water, and am-

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Sanitary Commissioners, through the various offices of

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depth disproportionate to the aperture of entrance. Punctured

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culty, and sometimes of the size of a half-dollar, a dollar, or even consldL

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of the nervous ramifications connected with them. These pheno-

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thirds, and which laid open the pelvis, there is another in the lower

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primarily of small amoebic abscess formations in the

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benefit of it. When the reservoir was cleaned out we were having a

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the means of distinguishing sulphuric acid from alkaline sul-

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are not simply coincidences, the matter is one which will bear

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sagesy and the passage of a probe everywhere does not

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ner, of Greenleaf; second Vice-President, Andrew Sabine, of Gardner;

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does the latter exercise any protective influence in relation to small-

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extent of coma, is seen, especially in children. Bancroft saw one child

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School of Medicine, MA215 Health Sciences Center, Co-

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the inner side of the upper gum, near the median incisor.

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Rapport g6n6ral sur les 6pid6mies pendant I'annfee 1883.

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by Duchenne in 1860 ; but before these a case had been. seen and described

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avoiding all mechanical interference with the tympanum, that cavity

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patient has never had jaundice, nor any illness she can remember, and

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tion of a low grade, with caries of the intra-tympanic bones.

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'reatment of the following infections when caused by susceptible

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the cells in the anterior horn are association cells A\dth neuraxons which