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age, organic disease of the heart, lungs or kidneys,

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true antitoxin for these diseases. His sera were of

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reported to the public at large, who are unable to judge

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Southampton 11.4. Plvmouth 18.6. Bristol 13.7. Birmingham

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obscure, but he is no more successful, than when he

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8. Welch and Xuttall: Bull, of Johns Hopkins Hosp., 1892, vol.

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bj' several observers, but the presence of the cholera

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left no doubt that in both cases death resulted di-

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nate by force, and that the worst tiiat could hap|)en

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the whole skin was said to be the seat of a bright red

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liminary infection, and even this is uncertain, par-

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Kent still does good service by the efficient working

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tions. Such teachers are, fortunately, under present

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iltliouo'li it is obvious that neither social agencies

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years ago, which agrees in respect to time with the dura-

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under it with cheerfulness and steadiness of pui-pose ;

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Conclaaions. — The prime essentials for the treat-

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thermometers ; the average of the morning and even-

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Manchester 18.9, Salford 12.9, Bra<lford 13.0, Leeds 15.3, Hull

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of necessity being cared for in the general wards of

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lining, gave the best specimens of eggs that were found

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istic differences may be accounted for by the prolja-

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the aid of morphia he was relieved in the course of

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ligent study of a score of cases, so different ai'e

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for two days from Oct. 18, 1903, under paragraph 191 of the

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it as their opinion that she was suffering from some

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middle turbinate. I also bend the tip very slightly

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observations on X-ray therapeutics in skin disease, Burns, F. S.,481;

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but speak only of a few of its most interesting fea-

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Tumor occupies spherical sector on tempiiial side of left eve

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Brussels, New York and elsewhere he had been exoner-

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of the Laboratory for duty, to take effect Aug. 1, 1903. Aug.

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est in, and attempted to influence, the elevation of

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in this city on April 20 next. Classes will he invited to appear