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next the skin; and 55 per cent, had suffered from coldness of the extremities.

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viduals, but as families of the highest grades, the majority

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past nine months, when a Tuberculosis Order has been partially in

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gravity of the case, or they were too cowardly to reveal the fact to their

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to renal disease, or to vascular degeneration. The mei-e sclerosis of the

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Jefferson Hospital 3 weeks after accident, service of Dr. H.

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Croix, Sheboygan, Washington, Walworth, Waukesha, Waupaca and

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J., 1883-4, ii, 57-62. Also: Detroit Lancet, 1883-4, ii. s., vii,

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Sgl, substantia gelatinosa. fnl, Lateral column ; dark fibres separate from those engaged in

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The Exciting Cause. — Infection of the liver substance, the blood-

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known for his researches in medical statistical questions, thus concludes an

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tubes remained apparently without growth. Inoculations into

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of the illness without any paralysis, ocular or corporal,

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Simpson's teaching and writings were amongst the first which

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haps, than the latter. Croupous bronchitis and croupous inflammation are

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derived from the use of opium in the primary stage,

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May 22, 1880, I operated upon the ease, excising the mass of omentum

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tion will usually show characteristic indications of pernicious anemia.

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judicious use of them may sometimes at least bring the case to a successful

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cause as essential for the develo|)ment of pulmonary phthisis. This doctrine

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be of normal thickness, the undoubted fact remains that this is so.

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of thrombosis rests on the evidence of

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solution, the tear being sutured or packed with iodofrom gauze and

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stroying the bone tissue underneath ; whereas in a case of, say,