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to indicate that, whatever may be said to the contrary,
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a hospital for mental diseases. It will be necessary also to give
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exposed, if unprotected by vaccination, are almost invariably
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eight sets of labour patients, amounting to 33, all of whom went out well.
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The most important question which relates to medication during the
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tissure seemed to be uncertain, and one could not very weh predict it. More-
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This phenomenon occurred usually in the large capillaries • and
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The reflexes are so exaggerated that the least touch on
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C. r. 1881. Nature parasitaire des accidents de I'impaludisme. Paris, 1881.
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fresh air, and, in the summer, baths at the seaside.
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So this theory has, at the present day, little foundation
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not received sufficient attention. Children suffering from
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from the albumin. It is certain that the normal active principles of
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better. That a seven-month fetus is more likely to survive than an
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entire, that is, including the uterus, but this proved
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Congressional Committee appointed in 185 1 to determine who was the discoverer
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operating-room well, e.xcept for an occasional fit, they
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Eff ront M , Robertson 80 and others have studied showing these pro-
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Terminal hyperpyrexia is not uncommon ; we have notes of its
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mode them much ; they became more easily acclimated, and had none of
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the pleural cavity, are similar in structure, in secretion, in
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Comparative statement of cases of Contagit)U8 Di.seases
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let me cut him without it. I did not urge him to take chloroform, as he
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offered by the tissues. A chronic tuberculous focus may establish a fistulous
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of small blocks, of which the following is the formula :
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de^ ised. Price 100, 25c ; 500, «1.15 , 1000, «2.25.
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ditions by which it is surrounded, render the law inoperative.
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thus entirely cured. Lack of expulsive power is common, and for
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and if at any time the dyspnoea be great, and the animal in
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The traumatic haemorrhagic lesions sustained at birth are generally
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pnnctured. Intradural clot found on cord and left. Improvement
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digestive tissues, which will destroy like tissue except where individual
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over-estimated and disappointment will surely follow.
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ent. But among all these conditions palpitation pro-
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patients labour m&j, therefore, present the widest range of variety, and
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found in dry, sandy and gravelly soils. The stems are numerous
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There is not a sufficiently marked line of demarca-
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oozing through the skin, of serum or simple humour, which
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ing the posterior surface of the right rectus abdominis