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reflex irritation caused by round worms, as the removal of these has

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specific when positive, but antigen was not detected in

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seem that the distance between the bottom of the funnel and the

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happy to point out that $700.00 of the cost of every automobile

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intracranial pressure by repeated ophthalmoscopic examinations and to

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by imputing the worst motives and conduct to those Medical

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rapid syphilitic myelitis that death supervened in six weeks.

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" If (says the editor) the brain were not composed of dif-

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and fourth positions. As soon, therefore, as the os uteri is dilated and

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Rev. d'hys.. Par., 1890, xii, 193 - 209. [ Discussion ], 272 -

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years sooner. While he was an ardent advocate of bi-

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can Gynecological Society at Baltimore in 1895, at which time

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sufficient quantity of food. .Semi-solid ptiltacoous foods are swallowed

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between the amnion and the chorion (a most singular situa-

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sugar (glucose, dextrose). Normal urine contains glucose in quantities

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Goll's column in Fig. .399. The large number of horizontal sections

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has through the proper officials of the Federal Government of the United

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