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taneously when the organ is excised, we will be prepared

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Rolleston, Professor Francis Caird, and the rest of our dis-

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Treatment. — As suppuration occurs so promptly after the initial

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example under my care, the lungs are the first organs to be affected, and

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in the intervascular interstices of the various tissues and or-

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so placed as to enter his left leg. A gush of blood followed, and a

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phological action of the brain cells. Of course this is simply pure

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in some cases there are but a few spots and these rather obscure, at others,

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estimating the degree of functional disability is not

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Manning, H. M., assistant surgeon, relieved from duty at Stapletoi

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de l extremite inferieui c du femur. J. d. sc. m6d. de Lille,

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carpine, when injected in the veins, forms a trustw-orthy

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