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a fall on the fully extended arm, and the fracture was determined
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outer side of the lower leg and ankle, the dorsum of the foot, and the toes.
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number of the New York medical profession were invited.
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For the cure of Consumption, Scrofula, Rheumatism, &c. The medicinal vir-
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he could not go upstairs without palpitation. He had
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occurred in adults, and even late in life. It is rather more common in
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(I) Dysentery. — Culture on stool specimens arriving by mail yields
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Calmette and Guerin, of Vansteenberghe, Grysez, and Ravenal,
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to the time of her death, which probably occurred Thursday night, she swal-
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similar in structure with the large fully-developed growth.
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apt to take up erroneous notions from reading on this subject, and,
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12-14, 18.80 minutes. Combined average for the 6 monitored drug
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best be explained by supposing that accumulation of fluid in the ventricles
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spasm after two doses had been given at intervals of
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flow into the capillaries of the obstructed region under a pressure which
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is not the case. He admitted atmospheric air and its dust
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intensity of the current is great and its duration pro-
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vera of from 2.68 to 3.2 I in. That the operation does
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ordinary pneumonia, takes place very early in the tuberculous process,
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of assimilable iron compounds in the intestinal tract. Of
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Med. Assoc," Nov. 28, 1885, p. 615; Smith, "Med. World," 1885, p.
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* The average weekly numbers of births and deaths in each of the above
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vided with elevators, or at least with inclines instead of stairs.
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as president of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association.
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vices, to strong drink, and are utterly without a moral sense. In
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" cooling " the system, which is the result of a more active seperation of the bile from the
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the patient suffers from constipation. Whey also may be
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normally varies between 1.005 and 1.007, corresponding to the pres-
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the following : — Dissolve two grains of Tartar Emetic in a table-
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are hundreds of thousands of people of both sexes, in
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shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt
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handle small amounts of carbohydrates with safety, certain " extras " may be
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police station, where it was recognized that he was
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observation is more in accordance with my own. Of 176 patients
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80 per cent it disappears within forty-eight hours after delivery.
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2yd February 1895. — Slightly better ; hands do not feel so cold ;