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denly, I abandoned the practice, and prescribed it in

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cation of Vienna paste followed by boric acid poultices.

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hypertrophy ; where the cavity of the heart is enlarged, excentric

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1903, about one month after the first evidence of trouble. On Feb.

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patient at this time was considerable and would have

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already recorded that in patients suffering from general

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Eesolved, That this Society feels with I county societies were presented and re-

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any of its valuable time in discussing, or rather directing

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appearance should he observe in a given case the other

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ment of the cells of the cuticle of the hair, like the hair of those

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cases was between 30 and 40 years ; in 41, between 40 and 60 years ; in

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stetric eclampsia and in the pre-eclamptic condition

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calling the attention of the congress to the subject of intemperance, and was

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projectile vomiting, you can, almost without making an examination

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of the malignant growth. He stated that, although a

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catarrh, which is excited by the passage of undigested food from the

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The patient was rather feeble in intellect, and one saw

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tive order; a ferment is known in plants that converts tyrosin into dioxy-

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intima of the veins and arteries, as a result of which

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thority of Professor Abbe and others, that the power of a

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among the A's are vasomotor tones as low as 30 and as high as 110,

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the combat zone, is the responsibility of the theater air force com-

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