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of eosinophiles rapidly dropped below normal, then rose above normal, and ultimately

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fi inn a part, and not, as heretofore, with the large body of

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1910. Pus, polypi and swelling of the middle turbinal were found in

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down the steep, long steps by the same method. Either of the methods

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duced, and to trace its precise seat and pathological

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rior chamber. Lancet, Lonil., 1896, ii, 880.โ€” HoyI (A. G.)

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towards blunting of the intellect which epilepsy produces, and he eventually

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"2. The non-development or the atrophy of the ovary.

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demonstrated the electric excitability of the cortex,

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disseminated myelitis, in which there are several foci of inflammation, the

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danger, as does a swelled abdomen, and a leaden colour of the

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i\[. Campardox related two instances in which he had

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Revised Translation of the Chahar Maqala ("Four Discourses")

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to the arm before any puncture had been made. This was attempted in two

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It is not possible to differentiate between malignant

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be left out of consideration, Liebermeister maintains that there is scarcely

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original mixed cultures that gave rise to the " positive " diagnosis.

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Prozesse in den Orgauen. Arch. f. path. Anat. [etc.],

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warm climate, furnish useful resorts for patients who require a

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century. With modern obstetrics it is far lower than this. Also,

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then I have discovered the value of solutions of com-

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Wednesday... St. Mary's, 1 p.m. โ€” Middlesex, 1 p.m.โ€” University

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and Scholberg with consideration of the clmical descriptions.

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ed the surfiice of the abdomen, and pointed, the most projecting part

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it. I have known the serum to be used iu other cases without

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to some extent promote absorption. When the veins are

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" Doctor, does drink lead to madness ? I drank a lot. Much

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heal practically untreated and give few symptoms. On the whole

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ment for many years was by excision; later, immuniza-

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him to fix his eyes upon some bright small object, especially if a coloured

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nomena have been already fully noticed (ยง948, Sec), and consist

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termined by neutralization tests to pei-sist in the

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