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data at present available, they are not capable of a perfectly

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Repr. from: Proc. 'Sat. Confer. Char.. Best., 1889, xvL

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case proved to be one of contusion and not fracture.

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tible. The general effect of the summer's riding upon

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Burbage, Thos. L., Como, Memphis Med. Coll., 1883 1885 1890

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That variety of the diaease depending on extravasation

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exceedingly serious. Pulmonary embolism may be a cause of sudden death.

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Ascaris Lumbricoides {Bound Worms). — Life history un-

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that dependent on lesion of the corpus striatum. The face and tongue

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Harvard Medical School. — Dr. Leverett D. Bristol,

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tuberculosis, tending rather to remain stationary or slowly advance,

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