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I feed my sows to a certain extent according to the size of the litters they have

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Auscultation. — Absence of breath sounds in right, increased over left

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it has been published in the Illinois Medical Journal.

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incised alongside its internal margin to the extent of nearly

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the normal obliquity and of the normal calibre of the

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ja^reat value in suitahle eases, hnt it is likewise capahle of

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the abdominal wall will follow. G16nard believes that the

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ber of students is too great to be called out at one time, the

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cochlea remains the lowest portion of the cochlear ca\ity in ever\-

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with no evidence of contact with the acid, A chemical examination

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commodated, leaving only 700 to be provided for by the

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syphilis, tuberculosis, typhoid, rheumatism, etc.; dis-

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in the pelvis is due to the growing ovum, hence is not marked. After

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the nature of the offending organism. If this be the typhoid bacillus

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to furnish me with orders to the relieving of&oer, for everything that

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stimulus for their operation. If diarrhoea attend, it is found use-

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or fraudulent avarice. No honorable physician would think <>

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power to adduce a greater number of cafes fuccefsfully treated

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The Diagnosis of Renal Calculus. Dr. Guy L. Hunner, Baltimore.

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in withholding it in a disease of such gravity as this. Practically, the ques-

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they are said to be capable. . Fission continued with-

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it did not in the cases herein reported nor in the more recent ones

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afternoon of the 16th and died the next morning. Dr.

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in the body. Although there is no tuberculosis with-

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quite comfortable, with a gentle perspiration throughout the system;

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except those occurring in institutions where the cases are under medical

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exlubitlon of arsenic Yeid believes this to be of most senice in all

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ucts. When diarrhea replaces constipation, indicanuria may

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than forty years ago in gynaecological work, and by

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In order to form a clear idea of what really constitutes the pulse, the

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lowed by the disappearance of this cystol- ed. If severe hemorrhage occurs the uterus