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pia and arachnoid; the meningitis is most marked in

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animal, a cow (attacked February 16), was killed by order of

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clay bear no resemblance to those found among workers in

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The Director-General presents his compliments to the

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with one death; in ten there was recurrence of inflam-

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Tho disease was of three years' duration. It had commenced with pain in the

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(soon after eating, during the night, in a fasting condition). More exact location

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thesia of the skin and painless whitlows, with tissue loss, are features.

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surgical treatment, especially fractures, were rare in Vienna as com-

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that if there is such a path, other paths are present which are capable

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others after diligent examination) in the western districts of

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turning a tap, fresh water may be drawn direct from the

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the operation no reaction took place, and he died on the 12th of No-

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Vaccine Treatment. — The application of Bipp was combined

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the extremity of each branch.* At the end of one or two minutes,

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ment of the condition of the eye at the Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospi-

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through a perforation in the cork. A short distance

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pale and calm, with a placid expression ; the eyes are half-open, the eyelids

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cisms of this standard made by manufacturers and dealers in ice

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with this title the Vice-President gave the history of a family

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I have several times, where there has been retention of

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lupus, or acne rosacea, and is sometimes termed macular leprosy;

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articles, bedding, &c., for the poor and rich alike. How many

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which the whole quantity discovered in the dead body was stated to be the

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of cattle, but may result from the entrance of pigment or other

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roots. Irritation of these sensory nerve fibres is produced by

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hectic fever, and in most cases, to a fatal termination.

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in several departments. Applied chemistry is indebted to