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Second. Irreducible herniae so generally cause pain and gastro-

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friend, driving the draff from the distillery for his

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3. Pain in the back and loins— usually severe and persistent^ and

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the lower portion of the face toward the left and the toe phenomenon

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deaths under Ave years being 1,000 less than in Sep-

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exhaustion induced by a severe attack of cholera morbus may invite a

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tinues to be coaguluble during from two to seven days. Until recently the

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he agreed with him as regards the infectivity lasting throughout

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ously found by vaginal examination disappeared. Here

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The only fear 1 had in making this application was of con-

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tubercles has been revealed by the microscope. It has demon-

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48. Scapulo-Humeral Beflex. — Pickett has studied the

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for a time the symptoms of autointoxication are re-

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the coroner's inquest, the preliminary, and at the final

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during the treatment of potassium depletion, careful attention should be

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In the table it will be observed that there are some apparent dis-

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speciahty, Dr. Charles West, was actually the President in 1877. Since

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(though the latter is not to be ignored), and that mod-

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contraction predominates. On the behavior of the mucous membranes

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sometimes occurs. In this variety tlie temperature rises rapidly, and

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into the system of the recipient other diseases with which the

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just OS unscientific as it is dangerous to carry out this indication ; it is

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derangement from that source, whether the primary cause affect merely

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fermentation, and the direct admission of carbonic acid from without

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entail. Unusual shock is an obvious sequence to the adhesions,

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but proved on examination to be congenital dislocation of the