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heard very distinctly in the epigastric region, to the
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W'ere found in it, but no casts. A thorough bimanual palpa-
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two-minim dose regularly every three or four hours for four days, and, as the
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a union of the American Presbyterian, English Baptist, and Church
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the pulpification due either to direct mechanical influ-
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only symptom common to the two affections, is in this transient, spon-
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Dr. Rowell: The case of prurigo was called prurigo senilis for want of a better
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of the New York Academy of Medicine, and of several
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examination of intracranial disease is a very neces-
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and the local tenderness in the joints, the sweating, and the lack of
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auricle. Its presence had, no doubt, led to marked dis-
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served in the Army or Navy of the United States in the war for liberty into which the
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8. The morbid changes discoverable after death in phlegmonoos
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been prepared {vide official report ') of those cases which we have either
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alluvial soil even more firmly than in the low and humid plains of Meso-
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It is perhaps pertinent to mention in this connection,
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Physiology of Man. Designed to represent the existing stat^ of
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The President said that if any analog)' could be drawn from
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close. If loose, decortication may be practised, and
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living children in future pregnancies " than induced labor.
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on opening the abdomen does not necessarily prove that they
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To estimate the perfection of the patient's assimila-
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Wine Coca we believe to be a uniformly active article, it being prepared from assayed
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to starch as suggested by Gaultier, but expressed as maltose. The
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or milk, more slowly when after a meal, and most slowly when given
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"Ought Infants to be Washed Immediately after Birth ? "
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check, for a time, the dangerous symptoms, he thinks further experience
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paribus, be so great as under other circumstances. This condition of the
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arranged in the oviduct in the order of their ages, and
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In the three cases the tumour w^as primary, no fibroid
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has no heat or redness; the scapular tumor bulges out
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Dr. George Derby, of Boston, formerly surgeon of the 23d Mass.
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stage denote toxic absorption. Delirium is common, not only in alco-
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tages that tend to evil. This fact has been forcibly im-
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That this habit is a fixed one with many physicians is a well-known
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the contruiy, we know Aery well that opium suspends the ac-
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Education, The Menninger Clinic, Box 829, Topeka, KS
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were mere schoolboys to old Aristotle," in Letter of Darwin
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ease is de^ribed by Dufour, who pleads for the more careful