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occupy them, particularly carpenter work and painting. They all are now in good con-

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becomes very expensive, as all court, constable and transit costs have to be paid by me.

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Dr. Mc>orhouse— I can quite endorse all that Dr. Douglas has said, and therefore

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things do not contain all that is needed to keep up good health, and the meat

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With regard to plaques and ganglion cells, the examination of

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about the prescription of glasses for myopia is valuable.

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the strong, penetrating rays of science to be made clear. We

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This theory is true and untrue. It is true when it applies to mem-

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of the chest showed plainly some diseased areas in both lungs, the

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perineum but the uterus was in normal condition following delivery. She

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has given a happy ending in many cases where a fatal termination

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ultimate spread and acceptance of the truths of our divinely

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five typhoid bacilli in one c.c. (16 drops) of milk under proper con-

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The Committee rose and reported progress. The President in the chair.

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membrane is adaptable to varied conditions of temperature, trauma and

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believe what it most ardently desires to believe, namely, that the

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To the President and Members of the Medical Council of the College of Phifsicians and Snrgeoyis

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sented to the society during the past year. Many of the papers will be found

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frequently err in the selection of fitting models. The consum-

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The second day the same symptoms were repeated; the

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flicts of greed and plunder, brought on too often by an insensate thirst for

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3.47 months, and continues approximately the same. Without

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ered. If we could not get above the obstruction, the gangrene

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seven hundred and forty-four beds, and the whole structure is in process

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What goes into the child's stomach, and the manner in which

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from the feel (astereognostic sense) and that she cannot tell when

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Dr. MooRHOUSE — It is not the medical profession alone, but the public that should

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"We call you, Sir, not to honor, though there be honor in it,

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provides for clean milk but places the responsibility of securing

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identified. Urogenital blenorrhea is more often found in hospitals,

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a savage and, untutored, will develop into a rude and uncompas-

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been passed upon the suspected areas should not only be passed

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vessels incident to syphilis, the patient has warning in the form

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