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investigation now pending as to tbe relative merits of
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The Review of Dr. Harlev's Khok.— Sir: Jn the review of my
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whom the right pupil was about one-fourth larger than
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" 5. Since motion is essential to prevent or overcome
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of breast, (6. ; encysted, of neck, 225; abdominal, i6.;
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of those cases of diphtheria wliich had occurred in my
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time, he took a prominent and active part as a member
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the cause of death in the form mentioned, the particu-
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ease. He considered that, with regard to typhus and
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scientific questions. After enlarging somewhat on this
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appears to maintain an inequality of privilege that ought
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moved, so as to leave the nerve in connection with the
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months after it shall have become due, the publications of the
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duced by ecchymosis. Most, but not all, were at the
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is considered to be the especial site of the local symptom.
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weakness, the apnoea, or the feeling of tvant of breath,
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out exercising, with a sudden and severe pain in his
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and those who have entered the army since its publica-
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Dr. Waters gives, kindly and unfortunately, his gra-
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thod of meeting those evils ; and the following deduc-
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taken place between myself and Mr. Propert, and upon which it is
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in a case such as this bore but a small proportion to the
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ulceration or sloughing, and closure of the pupil, or a
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Dr. W. Newman ; Jlr. F. W^hitwell; Dr. S. Martyn ; Dr. Lionel
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tury, it was universally believed that every individual
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alkaline nitrates; and a small amount of silica and
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covery, it was deemed necessary to give wine freely from
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Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 5 th, 6 th, and
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getic local treatment seems called for ; and in these I
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coloured with red paint, was exhibited by Dr. Way, from
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peditiously, and with tolerable, but not very great, perma-
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Pitie, under M. Matice, appear to show that ^ilycerine
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is said to promote the secretion of the liver), cannot we
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tnent by hospital patients is a necessary part of the doing away
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to the degree of swelling ensuinj^in the flap. The cuirass-
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friction to the lower extremities, and the application of
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Second Edition of Boudault on " Pepsine", with Remarks by
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