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his observations are based on the microscopic examination of the eyes

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with oil as" above. The black, by evaporating his black ink, and

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total disappearance of febrile and uremic symptoms is generally brought

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adult, and subsequently from three to five grains of quinia and one

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95 were secondary. Of these, 55 were cured ; 40 died, or 42 per cent.

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ences fh>m this and the preceding facts are unavoidable, that the former organs make only part of the <diannel

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of considerable interest, as bearing upon the recent

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laryngeal disease from six to ten months, one of whom had

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health under the appropriate conditions, e. g., when the nerve runs

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ourselves from substituting a fresh hypothesis for all those

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ensue; after a few minutes the patient feels better

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on the part of the guinea pigs seems less reasonable to me; at

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were healthy. In the cavity of the abdomen, the large intestines were

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question in hand — a man must have faith in himself to be of any

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purpose of inaugurating a movement looking to the estab-

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took it; without such treatment, he guaranteed that the pa-

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other ways, the seeds of the plague — that is, the

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if he escape fatty degeneration of even the muscles

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rides should be put only where there are the greatest currents of air,

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The prices on the present catalogue are those at which our books can generally

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lip is then cut oflF with scissors, care being taken to avoid the

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Mineral Waters (Factitious), and Salts for producing

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opportunity for peritoneal absorption, and for the stimu-

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free of human plague. Two cases oc- 9000 ; hemogloblin, 130 per cent. — Pro-

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that, although there was a correspondence between the aver-

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germs of disease. Still, quarantine means the detention

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these workhouses is in the parish of Bromley, not far from the London

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there was marked improvement ; then small haemorrhages fre-

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101. Aronde : Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1916, 42, 467.

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more reasonable to suppose that the nucleus has really

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Josephine B. Neal, M.D., Phoebe L. Du Bois, M.D., Henry W. Jackson, M.D.,