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it has been published in the Illinois Medical Journal.

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Leave was obtained by Mr. R. Gumey to bring in a Bill to

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and cargo were in jeopardy more than once, because only a

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tendency to peritonitis, inflammation, etc. GrisoUe,

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either the living young or the eggs vrere produced in the in-

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and satisfying the patient and the family, employed the ointment of

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color almost as well as tubercle bacilli, while material from another

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Arizona State University journalism instructor Larry

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being further quite unable to move it if he did, is prevented from

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The mono-acetate of pyrogallol has been given the name of

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renders him liable to legal prosocmiou under the Act.

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,, ^■.■'■'-"'''-.''''"■/'•■.■' .i.-IV,nJl-l, i- -..vil.-.d i„ . l.n-,..,- lV„-i

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in bed, when in a condition of apparent good health, and

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Dog — On various Chemical Phenomena. — On Ovarian Disease.

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and Gynecological Association will be held in the hall of

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tions, 12 of mania or melancholia, and 7 of idiocy. In 73 cases the

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substantia liquorem suum colligant.'" — pp. 35-37.

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with the plan, a specified portion of the insurance premiums

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than an absolute occlusion. This was well illustrated in a case

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Horse, Vt, to i ounce; cattle, i to 2 ounces; sheep, i to 3

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that the pupils showed any sign of dilating, and then very irregularly.

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rounded by a circle of vegetations, the ulcer commeoccd

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assimilation, especially of fat, and distaste for &t. If the bile be wholly

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puncture of the septum occurred accidentally during efforts at extrac-

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long a period? Bignami's theorj^ accepted by Bastianelli, is the

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tion with the reservoir as may be desired, and, if necessary,

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the fact that he was a surgeon of excellent judgment, most

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on the assessment of injuries for compensation. We feel that the

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len und der- Oberkic^ferliiihle. Wien. klin. Rundschau,