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Shortly, I take it that what we contend for in children is, first,

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In .a-e- ubere the dt- a-e ha- e^,ended t,om the Inub „. the trunk,

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There are also opportunities to attend conferences and partici-

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in that region are abnormally irritable. The sensitive

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ankle. I shall take the knee-joint as an illustration, as the

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was, perhaps, as Dr. Delafield had suggested, of great val-

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the inflamed tissue usually contains two nuclei, the indication of

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of the upper lobe of the left lung, and scattered shadows more or less

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that the heart derives the principle of its life and of its motions." M. Le Gallois considered

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vex and concave glasses, and higher degrees of concave than convex glasses

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binuria; Winckel's Disease. — This obscure affection arises as an endemic

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1 heard next evening, by letter, that a celluloid bougie had been passed

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must be giouiid and sifted to a finer powder than others.

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psychical excitement. Besides these precautionary measures, the lung is

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■writers on mental derangement is, that mere ner-

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Upper Houses, about four and a half miles north of it. Of

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stances that the British officer is an absolutely reck-

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nution of the arterial orifice which retarded the emptying of one

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skin of the back of the hand, but made no wound. Lastly, a point

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time of examination, as the child begotten was then 8 years of age. In this long

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quet on the brachial could not be expected to answer better

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the American College of Pharmacy, where the Secretary of the

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June 15, and upon payment of execution fee at the time of

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His funeral was conducted at Brevard Methodist Church by

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The water was found to bo elearand nearly coloui-less in all caso^ibut the

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profession of Liverpool are peculiarly fortunate in pos-

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conducted in later years under great difficulties on account of

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the operation of the law have clearly proven the wisdom of exact

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years of age, who had been admitted for a tumor growing

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the use of an ansjesthetic. If a longer time, as is generally

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sixth month of a pregnancy already existing. These researches may help to

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generally able to discriminate between true and false

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slowly than it does when applied directly to the mucous membrane of