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joints, the 5th distal interphalangeal joints and the ulnar

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the drug is withdrawn grackially but they are fairly common when this is

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Robert recently pursued the following pro- ; and the prepuce was slit up by the man

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between the second and fifth days of the fever. The disap-

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Teach children what to put in their stomachs rather than where the

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more or less danger of injury from falling, but the gen-

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his master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma

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of their reception. However, on the Tuesday, Wednesday,

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The following officers were elected : President, Dr.

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For instance, the normal or highest oxidation of the proteid molecule

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of typhous fever. The second died fourteen days after the operation^

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observations of Drs. Gairdner and Salter estabUsh, almost beyond the

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Los Angeles ; AUaben, Rockford, III. ; Gulteras, New York City ;

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direct bilirubins and alkaline phosphatase. Paradoxical reactions,

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of fevers into the great types of typhus, typhoid, remittent and

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while it is true that the municipal authorities had attempted to

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condition just described — gfiving us, then, a double manifesta-

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rate. Blood counts showed a mild neutrophile leucocy-

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Temple University School of Pharmacy. Mr. Fred B. Gable, Assistant to the Dean.

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lating to their treatment ; being anxious to show the

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carried far enough, ends in death, first of the lungs, and then of the

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prognosis in cases of tubal distension. Some cases, possibly of hydrosalpinx, cer-

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My recent experience with diphtheria, while not very

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able character of this disease and the danger of draw-

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It was described by Bard, in 1789, under the name angina svffocativa. Tlie

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cation to General Madden as completely as in the case j

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other catarrhal symptoms. Among the bad results of this catarrh of

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cum be thrown off, and the faeces difcharged by the wound,

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May 31st. — Areola disappearing; throat still sore; all

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the presence of Dr. J. G. Howell and others. On open-

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times a day, one hour after each meal. If it purges

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