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1 J. F. Ssabanejew, Odessa : " Ueber die Aulegung einer rohrenfdrmigen Magenfistel bei

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a most extraordinary and inexplicable restriction, and palpably

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eral who treated whooping-cough by means of the rod (I do

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plied leeches ; the swelling remained as before ! on the contrary,

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stead of Petri dishes, larger covered dishes, 15 to 20 cm. in diameter, and 1 to 2 cm.

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and, more particularly, the restraint of cough. There is far too much

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rence. H;emoglobinuria maybe produced by several poi-

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Derby (R. H.) Afl'ections of the eve apparently depend-

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such as the carrying of burdens upon the head, or occupations that keep

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growth of Strejitococcus pyogenes. The colonies are small, those in

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Disturbed innervation often causes palpitation, prsecordial

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bacillus typhosus. The growth of both is delayed con-

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•1. ii-nt In prri ipn.iii- .111 ,111. 11 I nl nil 1.1 II, I. iii 1! 1 'nl. in tlm-r w 'm li,i\ r

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at once slit up the prepuce, in the mesian line, in front, and trimming it

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of Wenckebach, Th. Lewis, J. Mackenzie, Walter B. James, Lewellys F.

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antitoxin may leave a permanent immunity of the disease, showing

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which they are responsihh' to tliose ;in\ong whom tht>y Hve.

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disorganization of this organ are those of improper feeding. In

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My sly visits on Saturdays to Springfield were not always

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during her Majesty's pleasme. We believe that in this case

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to the vagina ; it is attached only in front to the bladder, behind to the

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objects, and the stimulus of reward for our labor, are necessary to keep up

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and other organs, when death is imminent A most im-

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Sellard's method for determination of serum acidosis is quite simple and reliable.

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fifteen and sixteen, and the other was a boy twelve years old.

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envelope. It also serves as a depository for the adipose or

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Nervous/Psychiatric: Depression, contusion, ataxia, somnolence, insomnia, nervousness, paresthesia.

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2d. The phenomena they excite, are, increase of sensibility,

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Two to four grains of salicylic acid to the ounce will

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Par., 1900, 3. s., xi, 65-68. — Panaisi. Angiome enc.apsulS

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give rise to such definite phenomena as a primary tumour.

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tion to bowels, abdominal coeliotomy was performed on March 3,' 1901.

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amlodipine diltiazem and verapamil are which of the following

Requisitions were sent to hospitals and casualty clearing

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of equal strength, dependent upon difference in the base with which the chlo-

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sorbing power of the stomach and intestines is but slowly