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(Why not Lord Shaftesbury, the excellent Chairman of the

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removes some of the lysin also, but not to the extent that alcohol

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Plate II. Figures (a), (b), (c) and (f) show the different types

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and the extreme rigour with which medical evidence of live-birth as well as of

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The term pancreatic cyst has been used to designate any cystic tumor

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twisting or pressure and then resection of the affected

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water, and with one or more blankets, laid in a warm bed, and well

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from normal with this simple test would indicate an examination

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Gentlemen — There are occasions when the mouth is dumb, because the heart is

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To us, it seems strange that a similar feature has not ere

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possibile maucanza della reazione di Widal in forme ac-

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1883. Jbssop, Waltbb Hamilton, F.B.C.S., 73, Harley-street, W. Coun-

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pendence of the recovery upon the medicinal agent used remains

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form of silicic acid, which is often found pure as quartz and sand

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not well marked; this left him with a very great enlargement of the spleen,

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derstanding of this most dangerous and most unfortunate condi-

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Ixii, 199. — Pepper (W.) Epilepsy following an injury to

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pointed, consisting of Dr. John C. Warren, Dr. J. V. C. Smith, and' Dr.

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developed this aspect of the matter in his book on " Gynsecological

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first sound, the accentuation of the second pulmonic, the be-

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screwed firmly down on the first. This locks the two

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These four cases were at once removed to a special ward,

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temperature of the body, is sometimes used, and will be found deserving of

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decoction as folIoAVS : " Take live snails, cleared from their shells,

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to see if all the parts thereof were sterile? Has he

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perfectly resolved lobar pneumonia. The case seems to sup-

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there are the greater number of processes or dendrites ;

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considerable relief from sucking lumps of ice. Urine the same. Face to be smeared

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costs of the trial Russell v. Adams, we notice that

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