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the external auditory canal and especially of the tympanum.

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head in tropical countries, on the ground that were this not

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January, 1902, for a persistent, irritative cough which had per-

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1-50 grain nitroglycerin and 1-60 grain digitalin were given. Digi-

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was called above the first stage of the disease only. The lesions were

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days they assumed the characters of bulbar paralysis.

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Dr. Wm. Budd, of England, as authorities in the sup-

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Doctors and the State : The Xeed of Organisation. —

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describe " spinal irritation," but many of them still seem to me to give it

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an attack of unilateral convulsions. But in these cases there is no doubt

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but as such eyes may, we believe, be found in certain museums,

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poison, and remove, by the physiological action of medicine, or

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ance and several tenotomies,^ patients are withdrawn

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are occasionally used in conjunction with chloral where

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less than seven hundred physicians in that city are en-

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ought to be glad to get any points which will in any way aid us or prevent

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increases the cellular depopulation of the tumor because of the reoxygenation while

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Fig. 4.— 1, polynuclear white corpuscle with neutro-

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country, it will be inferred, of course, that this statement is based upon

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and if the muscle was altered. Did the plugging seem to follow

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the relief of suffering. Look upon them as men endeavouring

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and was finally controlled, after a number of cysts had been emptied,

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are crystalline and possess an intense color, from yellow to red. That the color

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The wire provided for use, when used as a measurer,

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tion following injuries of domesticated animals. I have seen good re-

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