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Paris about the middle of March, and preyailed with great severity in April and
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every night after he had been in bed for several hours he would
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throwing on them a large supply of blood, and consequently producing their eu-
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In view of the history and physical finds tonsillectomy was
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Antigua, in 1835, '39, '42, and '53. He published it first in
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we are only concerned with albuminuria as a sjrmptom of dis-
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"Would the limits of this work admit, I might give you the whole history of wo-
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elastic, 1 am convinced that the labors and dangers of parturition may be materially
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On Poisoning by Phosphorus : a notice of recent communications
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or effete matter. When the pores are closed by dirt, fevers, oils upon the skin, or in
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the activity of the cell may be restored by the addition of an alkali.
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audible, which, at a certain degree of pressure, is followed by a
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same impediment is met with in the pyramids as in the cortex,
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strong excitement, the Safe should be made use of. In this connection I would
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forward to the tomb; and this, too, when the cause of disease is attributed to
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optic affections and cerebral tumours^ and he draws many
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and person. It is evident, therefore, that in our cases it was
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the'nerve trunks at the base all clear white. The microscopical ex-
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by sending to me. But in the want of them, and before you can obtain these as a
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gressive development. The change by which this is effected is
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a "silent" lesion who was observed for thirty-five years, during
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W. MoR&ANT Baker. — In support of the constitutional origin
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The noematachograph consists of a cylinder, in many respects
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continue ; and finally another fit of the spasmodic will come on, generally more
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the lesion has removed the basis for judgment and ideas. The
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mends epilation in addition to the use of the carbolic add, and he
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coarse red and black hair. The father of that young man owned a favorite heifer,
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actual condition of enucleated eyes, at greater length than we
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pear obvious from the fact, that intemperate persons electrify their offspring with a
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Tho theory of the author then is, That " the blood is the life;" that by a diseased
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occurring so often 7 No woman, howevor healthy she maybe, should bear child
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Here again the importance is brought out of eliminating
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oliguria occurs. Under such circumstances, therefore, when
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sac should never be performed. Tapping ought to be resorted to in extreme cases,
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once following a violent altercation with the husband, several
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