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fail to convince any unprejudiced mind of the fact that the

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found effectual. This is to wrap the hands in linen or fla nn el

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were formerly considered as spontaneous ; but now that their development is

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of the tissues is severe, limited mostly to the region of the bubo. Pain

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Eheumatic fever is a disease extremely difficult to define, and yet, when

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Experiment 9. A quantity of the supposed amalgam was

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dyspncea returned in a very alarming manner, and Mr. Holmes

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and later Gross's work appeared. They were the pioneers. J. B. S.

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simple atony; if after the legitimate time of digestion has expired it means

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cholestearine nor any other tissues or substances to be found

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^ Pr£e-Adamit?e, sive exercitatio super versibus Xllmo., Xlllmo., et XlVto capi-

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Method of Miller and Zinsser. A number of strains of human

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many maternity hospitals in this country prematemity or preg-

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which they were obtained. The limits of this specificity

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distance above and below the joint is exquisitely tender, and all the

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feature in the L'niversity of London, that its influence on all

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taking care was exercised to observe the most careful technique in securing

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In military barracks, as well as in other institutions where large num-

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14 ; 67 cases, however, were soldiers and midshipmen in the academy at Newport ;

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often be developed by judicious contrivances; the appetite maybe fostered,

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and yet have no intention or possibility of doing such work well. They

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cholera,' can be attenuated with like results ; and his researches were

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traumatic patients to the scarlatinous poison sometimes aggravates the

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then we must conclude that the same thing may happen in other

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well formed and apparently eligible animal. Wabbles, or

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Craig (Columbia) reported 6 cases and exhibited some of the

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divisions in World War II, which are considered typical. Obviously

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tion wishes to acknowledge the following contributions for July 1974:

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Two drops of croton oil had been given on the tongue, and

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translated into English Louis' work on yellow fever. At

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the -vital processes and in the manufacture of blood. The

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