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uration after each addition until the substance is intimately mixed

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It was also stated that gonorrhea of the rectum in the

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disturbance of respiration it indicates extreme danger.

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to women to study medicine. The petition so far has

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tured, and near two teaspoonfuls of fluid were evacuated. No pressure was

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found at her death — no morbid anatomy, in other words, al-

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the leucocyte furnishes nuclein to the various cells of

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It may be that this has already played its part. Certainly it \'ill be

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counts in part for the lessened amplitude (Text-fig. 2). The response

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donous areas of the chorion and is continuous with the epithelium of

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severity, expressed by such epithets as mild, moderate, severe, very

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cent, died, which is within a fraction of the mortality after amputations

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generally due to the pneumococcus, occasionally to the Friedlander

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example, portions of the ventricle containing no nerve-

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to perform a radical oijeration, and by this means give the

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cases, one m 1904 and the other 1909, a microfilaria.* The cocci

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fully accord to it the first place, for nowhere shall ! oLdei=tt periodicalsin the world — a journal which has

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heat, and the blood-stains have been thereby rendered insoluble in water. If

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single complaint has been made as to their efficiency; neither

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It is always desirable to trace out the just limit of a

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on tlio roportod cases in wliicb fatal ccreltral loioiis liail been

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these figures regarding automobile acci- It is as well to take up any slackness of

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In some cases a suspicion of the nature of the process might arise from

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Continued Fevers and Infectious Diseases. — Results unsat-

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fact would have given the "improved" guillotine an advantage.

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method of removal was by a flap incision, commencing at the

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Enlargement of the thyroid pressing on the trachea, causing

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tion was decided on, but after a few minutes of etherization,

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believed to be completely transferable. Very moderate terms, «s

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rlooked easily. In other specimens they appeared as short

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Malpighi that is due the merit of having been the first to reap

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Gibbon's report to the Holborn Guardians, that no 1'cwer than

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blood (tertian and quartan), and (2) fevers in which the parasites

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that the teachers' associations held during the year hare

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et chir., Par., 1889, ii, 79 - 82. — 8cheinUnian (B ) Au

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discoveries which have thrown light upon these questions.

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W circulation appear either to cease entirely, or to be earned 011 so teeo y,

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external and the internal organs, as to their degrees or modes