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cortical zone was stained a diffused light pinkish colour, and small droplets

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rarely after the age of sixty. A table, drawn up by M. Recamier, will

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which the urine could have been extravasated. The retention of urine

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taneously replaced on the fourteenth day. After four weeks the opening in the

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ings, had read papers before medical societies, had been elected to office in the

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at the Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Philadelphia, Penn. June 1975.

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ended Saturday, January 29, 1910, were equal to an annual rate

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as proved by the enclosure of acini by growing connective-tissue, the

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As long as these unfortunate women are tapped, they

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I agree with Dr. Cartledge that these are the cases from which those of

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chemistry useful to physiologists and physicians, by giving to each one

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weeks of this treatment, they have been able, with care, to begin upon other

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1902, as tested by a very irregular epidemic which occurred in that year. He

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Hyosciamus I consider far preferable to opium in dysentery, as it does

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record as much progress as possible. His list of the

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boots testify. Tannic acid constitutes an important

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palmaris profundus, using that designation for the portion of the palmaris

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quently not diagnosed, and owing to the utter inability

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bodily habit is often spare, sometimes obese, never healthy. The ruddy

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enlarged and cystic. This hydatid sometimes attains

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where Schneider says Melolantha is eaten raw. It is 10 to 1 5 centimetres long ;

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has been reported after acute poisoning, and is said to occur as a result

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the plane of its fellow, and unbalances the pelvis. The gait is bad.

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Not infrequently patients who are carried into the clinic with