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in number, were entitled: "Experimental Researches Relative to Cor-
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by the hypersemia and uraemia, caused by uterine press
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and High Amputation or Partial Extirpation by Galvano-cautery
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months, one in four, one in five, one each in nine, eleven
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the practicability of using it in the adult, turns first to
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with eminent success without a minute and extended observation of
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Europe. At all events, it is to a modern Italian physician, Ra-
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the flexed carpus. The double-hand could grasp firmly, though the
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It follows, from these observations, that the cardialgia of ehlorotio pa-
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In a family with four children (two boys, aged eight and nine, and two
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obtain a reasonable amount of teaching in the practice of anti-
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them are fairly good representations of the conditions
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plies, broader than the long tape worm. The roundworm, thread
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gradually increased in size, and until the time in question, they
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slightly over-alcoholized man, debilitated and sub-
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vascularity. They were softened, their cortical substance diminished, pyramids
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viously noticed. In that report it is shown that the
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further back, and always keeps outside the pus. This inflam-
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Influence on foster-child. Has the individual charac-
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days as to merit the denunciations of Ovid (" Amor.," lib. ii.),
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the bow to form. The measurements were as follows : The right
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either an internal secretory gland or a lymphatic gland. The
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