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of the bladder, though somewhat discolored. Kidneys somewhat en-
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the one that pleases me most came in a letter from an
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O’Leary, Elmer B, 11 Ocean Court, Coronado, CA 92118
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months for epidemic meningitis, a fact not highly surprising in
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was no more than equivalent to the possession of a cer-
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following year in India. In the intestines and dejecta the
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surgery has taken into its territory eveiything that can be utilized
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fusion. I performed this operation a few years ago in a somewhat similar case
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The character of the saUva, and its quantity, are not usually altered, at
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The most noted epidemic of plague was that of the "Black Death" of the 14th
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Indications: Effective in all types of insomnia characterized
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fluence the functions of the sympathetic through its con-
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Minister in givincr immediate effect to the reforms in Poor-law
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* Edinburgh Med. Journ., vol. xix, 1873, pp. 34-36.
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more and more distended ; she kept belching gaa, and
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sixty. This bears out the general experience that the dm-ation of aortic
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to take under the Metropolitan Poor Act they could make no
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perament, of two hundred of the lymphatic-sanguine, one hundred and
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experience has led me to use but verv little iron. If the
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economy of nature. Christianity discloses the higher truth that man
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of an opalescent fluid is obtained, which should be heated
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puncture had resulted in infecting the peritoneum. With