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writing of another and escape the test of this powerful in-

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on the subject and gaining points from our fellows along these

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Committee of Metric Weights and Measures has adopted

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enlargement and thickening of small vessels, the open mouths of which, on being cut,

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malignant disease. In one, the patient, set. o5, presented all the

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had the appearance of a recently evacuated gravid uterus of from three to four

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headache, skin flushing reported when used orally. 1 - 3

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vier, in his last edition, 18iJ7, enlarges greatly upon

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this question in the light of comparisons made of the same

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It has been recorded twelve times in man, if the records really refer to tliis

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of their evolution and of their gravity, although they may have be-

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ment. Medical Education Resources at Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim.

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to the anal fissure. Over this area there was total anaesthesia. The

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operation offers the only hope for eradication of the disease this

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mosing fibres. They are usually in close relation with the

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* Edinburgh Med. Journ., vol. xix, 1873, pp. 34-36.

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tion, I think, tliat minute doses of calomel are some-

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affected. The condition is characterized by the absence

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Nothmg is more certain than that aguish districts may be rendered

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A watery discharge, as a rlile, occurring during menstruation,

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atory proportionate to the necessities of the hospital, and shall maintain a

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is unfortunate, however, that nothing can be done in

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deposits. The distribution of infective materials — specific micrococci

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be remembered that even in the most favourable cases (the syphilitic),

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placed in the groove of the staff', guided by the point of the index