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plied at a time, and after each a small poultice is placed

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advanced stage of the degenerative process. Most characteristic is the

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in the nystagmus associated with head-nodding in children, see article on

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■ Deutsche Medicinische Wochenschrift, 1889, No- "•

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Such are the conterits of the Second Part of the Seventh

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ing for the jury's consideration. The further question

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to be an ocular fungus, the collapsed globe was found beneath and behind it.

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as the local markets afforded, was the staple article of diet en route.

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puscles deprived of their colouring-matter, but they appeared to be

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The College of Physicians, dignified and slow, holds

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At a recent meeting of the lUinois State Medical So-

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may occur, it is certainly unwise to attempt the disinfection

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Humanistic Studies in Medicine, Department of Community Medi-

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iuake ; to glean out of all this confusion what little there j

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may seem to you too trifling and insignificant to merit the attention of

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or by the clearing of a previously clouded vitreous. In

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Dii. thought it should be well diluted when

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butable to an overplus of red corpuscles of the blood or plethora. As

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will generally be best to make sure by a small incision, other-

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health resorts to die. In tiie old days people with

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Hawaii Medical Association— 1360 S Beretania, Ho-

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ing not only to protect possible victims but to elimi-

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Mercurials have long been fashionable remedies in hydrocephalus,

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Lobb, Mr. H. W., uses of galvanism and electricity, 226