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lymphocytes, and hsemorrhagic foci are noticeable here and there.
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Mass. Two years ago she began to have pain and swelling of the mammary
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unjustifiable. There is not the smallest de- ment. Such radiations should be carefully
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quency. It has been regarded as the all-important factor in peritonitis,
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to distinguish these conditions by pushing the corner of a stiff piece of
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I shall have accomplished good work if I prove to the profes-
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water, cigar ashes and ignited match heads, exploding gun powder,
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change in symptoms for some months ; then quite sud-
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as president of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association.
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I)rovernent is slow, and unless the patient's be forthcoming to provide these essentials
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of the State Medical Society’s Division on Alcoholism and Addiction
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3. Surgical Treatment of Nephritis. Alexandbr Hugh Fergoson.
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have, in many cases, proved successful ; but both of these methods
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together with the hallottement, indicate the nature of the case without
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on the extreme importance of meeting the premonitory symptoms of cholera,
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late years I have convinced myself from a great number of observations,
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Cholelithiasis. — Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis is not infrequently
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man on the microscopically established identity of minute
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Holt^ drawing his conclusion from all the cases studied by th(^
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of our imperfect methods of research. But let anyone possessing a com-
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tnat body into the composition of the council. It is pos-
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physician must continue his visits, and at each one he is asked anew
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do la fievre typhoide. Gaz. d. hop.. Par., 1884, Ivii, 636.—
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febris recurrens. [Foretelling paroxysms in . . .] Ejened.
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from a more northern latitude, it exhibited all the
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by a restoration of form and function, is entitled to and