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plastic exudation in which the auditory nen'^e is imbedded. Such deaf-
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besides which, diSiculties will often be encountered
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" On equals olfactory ; Old, optic ; Olympian's, ocular
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been practically tried for a year, there having been 617
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mail prevents me from going into particulars, which are
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incorporated the Riverside Sanitarium, increased the capital stock to $40,000
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femur and, as he believed, also of the other, was coupled with the formation of
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and is very slowly transformed. A succession of flying-blisters, paint-
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and ammonia by the mouth. Artificial respiration should
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published as promptly as our other engagements will admit of — we
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connected with the subject. In the United States dysentery has prevailed
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no reason why the disease should not assume its old
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This sound, which is natural here, would be unnatural, and a
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nosis still is that the result will be good, hc-pe of a supple hand is gone,
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in a position with permanent flexion of the terminal phalanges. The
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prayer by Rev. Dr. Todd ; reading and defending theses, by candi-
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crepitations, extending downwards over the bases from the scapular border.
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venient, or a flat piece of glass, as a window pane, may be used.
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commonplace man, it may be said that degeneracy is a
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of the fcetus in the upjjer part of the uteras. 7. The
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done, the case is obviously one that has been exposed to
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cise a beneficial efiect upon inflammations of the larynx.
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is without symptoms, at any rate without danger signals. These
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492 Relations of Cerebro- Spinal Meningitis to Mcdarial Fevet.
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tinued some 2 to 2-1^ hours, when a period of excitement with pur-
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to two minutes at each reading, and increase gradually.
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scalp or body also. The practitioner should always think of this affection
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larged and presented a similar appearance to a spreading
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already attained. The chair, in the University of Aberdeen,
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case, he should see to it that they are made by some one