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Dr. Martin L. Stevens, Asheville, N. C, fluences to their aid. The manufacturing
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".'Mas! poor Turkey," and says that the shall gratify a laudable curiosity by fur-
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own words, he would not be "a slave to time." Time has
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juries," and some remarks concerning their treatment,
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Fig. 10.— Fibrohemangioma (elcphantoid hemangioma) of the palmar surfnee of the thumb,
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place suddenly after evacuation of a neighboring collection or by
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possible in Medical Certificates of the Cause of Death.
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of the Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, at present in the
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wine; and if he be free from fever, he must be put into a warm bath; if not, he
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puckered appearance ; the surface of the skin would be uneven (See an
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be. Minority of doctors who make a lot of money does not
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If the profile indicates that the applicant falls within
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addition to these there is a class of trichophyta which not only form a
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The water should boil quickly when the pudding is put in ;
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had had no effect upon it. Tliere had been very little enlargement of the
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At this time, March i, 1S83, he enjoys better health
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