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same time, through so borough and so varied a treat-

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screams all night; ceased to menstruate two months ago, just as attack

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7. The Branch Eegistrar shall enter the applicant's

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possible cure by reducing the size; or to excise tl«e

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tation he gave a five-grain dose of resorcin at meal-time, and

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that the angle varies with the shape of the head, that is to

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Syphilis; mode in which constitutional syphilis makes its appearance ;

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tion, as do all other candidates, and without show of constitutional right

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chondriac region to a rapidly fatal septic peritonitis.

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bellar disease may occur in the entire absence of paralytic or paretic

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have been given to explain why the heart was chosen as

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digesting an ounce of wormwood, with an equal quantity of

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body, as a general thing, through a w^ound. Sometimes disease

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limited operational period, the need for food inspection and other

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son, aged thirty-nine, with well-marked ataxy, which commenced at nineteen.

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ods of England, that she has since so endeared herself

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liable if he showed himself an idiot in both the theory and

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sufficiently dilated to admit the finger to the internal os. This

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fully checked by any remedy. The vomited matter consists of large

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In three cases the disease was ushered in by bilious vomiting.

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MRS. L.N. FOWLER, M. D., Prof, of Midwifery and diseases of women and

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blisters or caustic alkalies applied to the overlying skin, violent per-

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(vii.) From the cheiro-kineesthetic centre to the visual Avord-

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Grateful Med software is available from the National

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bad probably fallen from the posterior surface of the iris — deposited

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tion after Labor," by Dr. Lewis S. McMurtry, of Louis-