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gists have used the sac method to increase the virulence of various bacteria.

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has given rise to pronoimced morbid changes in the gland, there

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these continuing medical education activities meet the criteria for the credit hours specified in Category I of the Physician’s Rec-

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enclosed publication (Wisconsin Physicians: Descrip-

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but an insufficient first dose, and in some cases the lack of intravenous injection, may

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laxative should be given — ^ pound of Epsom Salts in three or

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1. Turck: Journal of the A. M. A., June 9, 1916, pp.

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Bacteria — the first simple, yet complete, account of

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chest cloth or blanket, should be placed in a warm room, either sitting

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arise from irritation in meningitis, or abscess in the region of the bulb,

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nature, and the fact that the whole parental public is now acquainted with

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biting the particular practice which was adopted by

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from tuberculous cows may transmit the disease, even after

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Case XXVI. — In July, 1854, Mr. Jones, of Jersey, excised

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the irritation to the heart, to the capillary tissues and glandular

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organic oxygen bearers. Under these conditions they rob

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On the 17th of October, I860, aided by Drs. de Montet, Favargnie,

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which are also of specific importance. Two of these hairs (internal clypeal

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Ronde, Romeo, Sand Lake, South Haven, Vassar, and Wyandotte.

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hundred cases of epilepsy and general piiralysis of the

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fact, a layer of pus. That the exudation should not readily be poured

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upon the surface, but unless treatment is persisted in,

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there are flagella which can be clearly seen to be endoglobular, such

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tissue. One-fourth of its texture was natural. Other organs normal.

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Appleton. MB., CM., England ; John Chalmers, M.B., Scotland ; William

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Solar light and heat are the sources of all life, and just in proportion

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tha more confidently men believe that cleanliness is next

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3. Nerve substance, when so reduced by cold as to be in-